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June 25th, 2010

Hello Guys,

I think HTML5 it will be good in the next few months not now,  Divorced Google This website HTML5ROCKS for the definition of  HTML5 for Developers, you can see the Presentation to know more information about it.

Customize your permalinks for better and friendly with SEO

September 22nd, 2009

I have changed my permalinks to better because  i saw in the last moments Google changed more things on SEO :

Here are a few SEO key terms defined:

CMS = Content Management System
SEM = Search Engine Marketing
SEO = Search Engine Optimization
SERP’s = Search Engine Results Pages
SES = Search Engine Strategies

How to Optimize Permalinks on WordPress

How to make your gmail offline

July 16th, 2009

Who would have even thought of accessing Gmail offline? That’s really an incredible stuff out of the Labs. It turns your Gmail into an offline email client using Google Gears. Being offline you can do almost everything from searching most of your messages, drafting new messages, and doing everything you can do with Gmail.

1- Open your Gmail

2- Go to Settings

3- labs

4-You will see

by the Offline team

Make Gmail go where the Internet doesn’t. Access your inbox through your browser and use Gmail’s familiar features when you’re offline. To get started, enable this lab and then click on the “Offline” link in the upper-right of your inbox.

Check on “Enable”

and Save Changes